Bonus Workouts

Bonus Workouts

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Bonus Workouts
  • STRETCH 03

    Join Simone for a juicy 10 minute yoga-based stretch

  • STRETCH 02

    Join Beth for a 10 minute standing stretch. All you need is a chair, couch or something else to help you balance and stretch!

  • JUMP ROPE 02

    Join Simone for a 10 minute Jump Rope workout. If you are new to jump rope do as much as you can and feel free to practice the footwork without using the rope!


    Join Simone for a Full Body workout with your baby! Don't have a baby? Pick up a 10 lb weight and give this a go!


    Join Simone as she takes you through a Full Body workout using a chair. Perfect for the office or your hotel room!

  • JUMP ROPE 01

    Join Alice for 10min Jump Rope workout!


    Join Simone for an extended 10 minute stretch - the perfect way to end your workout!